Volunteer Program

Swope Memorial Volunteer Program

Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties as a volunteer that you will be involved in helping the golf shop staff service our customers. These duties include:

·       Daily Duties

·       Managing Golf Car Fleet

·       Marshalling

·       Starting

Each of the above categories add value to the overall golf shop operation the customer experiences. You will be asked to do numerous duties within each category. These duties can include daily routine tasks (included but not limited to the following):


Daily Duties

·       Inspect grounds/parking lot for trash and place in receptacles.

·       Manage golf car fleet.

·       Collects debris, clean restrooms, and maintain other areas of responsibility at the facilities.

·       Assist in enforcing facility rules and regulations regarding parking, equipment and facility use.

·       Answer inquiries regarding golf course regulations and procedures.

·       Notify the Golf Shop of incidents needing incident reports in the event of an injury, accidents, property damage, hazardous spills or other major problems at the golf course.


Managing Golf Cars

For Golf Cars Going Out

  • Check to make sure the car is neat in appearance and has a clean scorecard, pencil and no tees or trash in the car.
  • Stage golf cars in designated area and allow enough room for someone to walk behind the cars with a golf bag (approximately 2ft).
  • Make sure key is removed from ignition and in the possession of the golf shop staff.
  • Face each golf car in the same direction, pointed towards the tee players will be starting.
  • Inspect each golf car for the following items before they are rented:
    • Gas or fully charged electric
    • Sharp pencil
    • Clean, folded scorecard
    • Free from trash
    • All (4) tires for proper amount of air.

For Golf Cars Returning

  • Check for Guest personal items before bringing the golf car to the storage facility.
  • Place trash in proper basket.
  • Wash entire golf car paying attention to wheel wells, bag wells and floorboards
  • Put new scorecard and pencil on steering wheel and park in facility. Always watch for problems with golf cars
  • Be aware of low tires, unusual noises, poor steering, lack of power, reverse buzzer not working, etc.
  • If there is a problem, use one of the problem cards and park golf car out of the way and notify golf shop personnel.

Closing Down

  • Make sure all golf cars are in.
  • Clean, straighten, and sweep work area including golf shop front door.
  • Take out trash.
  • Turn off water and neatly coil and store hose.

General Rules

  • Golf cars may be operated by anyone sixteen (16) years of age or older, providing that person has a valid driver’s license.
  • Golf cars are to carry no more than 2 riders.
  • Drivers are always to obey all signs, stakes, roped-off areas and other markers used to guide golf cars.



Marshal Etiquette

Marshals have a dynamic role of being stewards of the course. All employees including volunteers are responsible for setting examples of preserving and protecting the golf course for our customers. While marshaling, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

·       Keep the marshal golf car on the car path at all times, unless there is a problem with a group where you deem it necessary to address the group. The golf course superintendent may specify areas that are acceptable short cuts, but as a rule, please keep the golf car on the path.

·       At no time on duty as a volunteer is searching or selling golf balls allowed.

·       Golf clubs should not be taken on the course or used while on duty as a volunteer or ranger.


Tee Sheets

When marshalling, it is important to have a fresh tee sheet of actual tee off times. Having actual tee off times will enable you to determine the correct position of the groups.

Radio Use

Radios are provided by golf shop staff and we ask that you keep them on or near you at all time to be able to communicate with the golf shop. Radio use shall be limited to direct communication with and from the golf shop staff. Proper uses of the radio include but are not limited to marshalling duties, starting duties, etc. The radios are a tool to help you do your job in the most efficient manner.


Pace of Play

Your job as a marshal is very important to the overall enjoyment our customers experience. While some groups will be slower than others, you can use these tips to help them keep pace:

  • Be seen! The more you are seen on the course, the fewer problems we will have. Simply seeing a marshal will let the guest know that we are watching the pace.
  • Marshal Early! On days when we have full tee sheets, make it a point to get off to a good start with the early groups. If the early groups fall off pace, the rest of day will be spent trying to catch up.
  • When there’s a problem, address it! Simply driving by a slow group will do nothing for speeding up play. Address the problems as they arise, keeping everyone’s experience with us positive.


Daily Golf Car Rules

While marshaling, it’s important to make sure all golfers are abiding by the daily golf car rules. If you approach a group, and they are not following our golf car rules, please approach the group and inform them of what our policy is for that day and ask them to follow those guidelines.



There are many factors that are controlled by the starter that have an important impact on our customer service perception with our visitors. To be of most value to course operation, safety and player assistance, you must be working the first tee from that immediate area, not from the Snack Bar, Golf Shop, Manager’s Office, etc.



Responsibilities include:

·       Welcome and thank players

·       Verify payment of guest fees

·       Organize individual players into threesomes and foursomes

·       Start players at their booked starting time

·       Explain and enforce local course rules and policy including golf car rules etc.

·       Manage first tee and nearby practice areas.

·       Verify that players have on their golf cars:

-        Clean scorecard, pencil

·       Remind golfers to maintain pace of play and to play safely.

·       Communicate with golf shop


Groups Late for Starting Time

·       If a group arrives late for their tee time, first, welcome them to the facility and tell them we will do our best to accommodate their group in the shortest amount of time.

·       Unless approved by the golf shop staff, we are not to “squeeze” a group in front of another group that is checked in and ready to play at their proper tee time.

·       Look at the day’s play with the golf shop staff and try to find an open tee time slot near the current time.

·       Inform the guest of your plan and help them get ready for their tee time.


Daily Maintenance

·      Vacuum Floors in the clubhouse.

·      Empty trash bins inside & outside of the clubhouse.

·      Properly dispose of trash near Maintenance barn.


Volunteer Privileges


  • Playing Swope Memorial GC anytime Monday – Friday, after 2pm on Saturday & Sunday is your benefit for offering your services as a volunteer.
  • 20% OFF merchandise in the Pro Shop


Friendly Volunteer Reminders

·       Playing golf without registering in golf shop is prohibited.

·       No playing golf while on clock

·       Searching for golf balls or “hawking balls” may not be done at any time while working.

·       Please Note as a volunteer you may be asked to work weekends and holidays.